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  1. That’s one birthday Lillian will reermbme, poor girl. My oldest broke her arm near the elbow when she fell off the computer chair. I tried to make her go to bed thinking that it coudn’t possibly be broken from such a short fall, but at midnight we ended up going to the ER when it was obvious she was in too much pain.

  2. "I don't blog, nor am I much of a writer. How about you blogging the 'real face if black America?'"I'm not the one bitching about the dearth of these kind of blogs, you are.And your only solution is to get someone else do for you what you're not willing to do for yourself.Step up! There's a lot of room at the front of the line.If you're not a writer, learn. If you're not a blogger, become one.Excuses are cheaper by the dozen.

  3. Marilyn, I love the way you have highlighted just how hard it is to change a habit and how habits influence our whole lives. So many people think mistakenly it is all about willpower.Living in the moment seems to be the antidote for so much and also the key to really living our lives.Thank you for this wonderful reminder

  4. I guess we all get tired of the normal routine and have complaints about it. As someone who drives to/from school/work during rush hour everyday (not in HK), driving starts becoming a chore and starts to get tiring. I actually wish I could take public transportation to get around, but it’s just not a feasible option for me. Despite the crowds, the smells and the timing issues of public transportation, at least you can have some time to do things, like reading. If I could take a bus or subway or whatever every day, I’d probably have an extra 3 hours to do things.

  5. Pessoas, pra quem está perguntando onde está a “sua séria favorita” temos que lembrar que essa não é a lista particular de cada um, é uma lista criada em cima de uma pesquisa feita, portanto, com certeza várias séries que cada um gosta em particular não vai estar aí. Eu adoro Fringe e nem passou perto da lista, mas é um gosto meu e não um dado estatístico.Abraços a todos! –

  6. BobI believe it was the 26th. Went to Egypt for training then left for Italy and went all the way up to Trieste where the War ended. Sailed home on the Dominion Monarch and a life spent in Timaru.My father never left New Zealand again (never left the South Island) although he often spoke of going back to Italy. I have now done that for him.Have a good trip back – I believe there is a new disaster waiting for you.

  7. At a glance 60% were nailed to the cross with Jesus- gone save for Pauls exceptions (for instruction etc.) Christians not bound to them.Jesus knew slavery would go away and anyway, what was he supposed to say,"Rise up and rebel!"- assuring an agonizing death by crucufixion? Also, he preached and taught over and over about not getting caught up in this world and the reward waiting for those persecuted in his name.

  8. OMG! This was one of the funniest bloggies! I only had time to read it and not refresh myself with the video! I giggled all the way to work thinking about it and you. Even when I walked into my computer lab to a virus on all the computers I was still smiling! I decided to wait until I viewed the video to see what you were talking about. I have tears streaming down my face! Tell me you did the chair tip and back flip???!!!

  9. On dira ce qu’on voudra su Ph ROTH ., n’empêche que c’est le seul qui ait été capable d’expliquer l’impossibilité de la paix au proche orient. Grâce à « opération Shylock » j’ai compris pourquoi, le problème d’Israël ce sont ses amis récents. Le problème des Palestiniens itouRédigé par : Mangiafoco | le 08 octobre 2009 à 11:52 |Tout ce qu’il faut dire pour pas avoir envie de l’ lire. Bravo, Mangiafoco ! Roth démoli en deux coups de cuiller à pot. Radical.

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  16. Fair enough. Throwing around names is no way to have a discussion. People are very passionate about A-Rod in both directions. I'm a big fan, but my Dad hates the Yankees ever got him. You aren't my Dad incognito are you? In any case, we probably should just agree to disagree. Btw, any guess on who's stat line that is above? Hint is that he might be hated by Padre fans the most for one at bat in the WS.

  17. I knew when I saw your name this would be lies and crap! Why do you write about things you know nothing about. Some day you will have to face a higher power for your acts here on earth! Then you can go to HELL!

  18. Il est vrai que Nana reste inégalable dans son interprétation musicale qui est multiple,on pourrait même dire infini…En 1989 je lui ai écrit ceci :  » Les chansons de France sont belles en elles- mêmes ,intrinsèquement poétiques ,mais vous avez l’art et la manière de le dire et de le faire ressentir. »

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  22. I actually agree with you. The internet is a social place, and many people find friends from all over the WORLD rather than feeling isolated in their small town because they’re different. I definitely think the internet helps with depression. Now, it does keep me on my couch sometimes. So, like most everything, finding your personal comfort level with the internet is important to living healthy life.

  23. kurangtahu juga sih mbak, ada orientasi apa nggak. tapi guru tk-nya biasanya minta orangtua jangan terlalu sering ndampingi.. sebisa mungkin “agak tega” untuk meninggalkan, ntar biar jadi urusan gurunya. Nah, sepupuku ini dia jadi agak berubah “pendiem” gitu setelah masuk TK nol kecil. Tapi nggak tahu sih kondisinya sekarang, semoga lebih baik, agak jarang ketemu. Terpisah jarak soalnya.. Aku baca artikel mbak tentang “Ketika Ziyad Sekolah” dulu ya..

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  26. · SP, Oh, the guilt! You are a good motivator to help me think about these things. Mostly, right now, it’s just been inconvenient (I’m out of town when one’s scheduled nearby, yadda yadda) but you are right, and there’s no reason I couldn’t do one anyway. Right now, though, I’m just focusing on smaller things.MrBrownThumb, You won’t regret it, at least not if you like crumbly coffee cake and moist banana bread!Caitlin, Love that last line. So much. “Do what you love,” should be the motivation for many more enterprises – such a good point.

  27. Hay qué tener cuidado con las denuncias que se hacen, porque pueden afectar a PERSONAS INOCENTES, como estos que se mencionan. Estas personas son trabajadores del IFE, contratados temporalmente para el PREP, casi todos son recién egresados de sus carreras, son empleados operativos, no tienen NADA que ver con fraude alguno. Los culeros son los de arriba, no estos trabajadores temporales.

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  30. Too true. Owen is my favourite as well. All his storylines are just magnificent, before and after the "accident". Even though CoE is the best Torchwood series, the one thing that didn't make it so for me was just that lack of Owen goodness in it. I Iike it, but I'd like it even better with some Owen. There's still Ianto at least.

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  38. That room would be called “The Cool Kids’ Room” for sure.I used to like the theme tune on Extreme Ghostbusters too, Will. It was, like, well 90s and hRdKOAR, innit? The cartoon wasn’t that bad either, Bob, honest! Maybe a little too PC in it’s makeup, but great just for the episode when the original GBs get together with the mojern wans. Thanks for indulging a five-year-old offering, chaps. Especially at the height of my “big feets and hands” mania.

  39. I like this. A lot. though not a novel I think it would make a helluva first chapter for one. Definitely left me wanting to know the back-story and what happens next. I spent about fifteen minutes attempting to craft an intelligent and analytic comment. This isn’t it. I failed the Captcha code and it deleted everything I had written while saying I failed. Thanks for sharing this with us Martha

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  46. Wow, Deborah! Congratulations and all FOUR of your highlights – five if you count not bursting into tears.I’m not a musician, but I love reading about your experiences. I totally relate to figuring out how to get past an I-don’t-have-time-to-think-about-this “no”, the excitement of someone appreciating something I’ve worked hard on, and the thrill of creative collaboration that ends in something better than I’d imagined. Reading your stories makes me even more excited for the tour! Can’t wait to see you in NC!

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  49. A non-cookbook, real-life example: Keith Olbermann is a problem for every employer because he pitches a fit over anyone having anything better than him. His infamous back-and-forths with Piers Morgan (a more directly competitive Aries) is an example of how Aquarius isn’t above acting out of envy.

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