1. This has gotta be some kind of a sweetheart deal. And it looks like it all happened under the radar. And who gets screwed? Lo-nfsufnerigg YHOO shareholders, of course.Where was the financial press when all this was happening? It looks like it was a done deal before the first word became public.

  2. Oh my lovely Curtise, whatever you wear always makes me so happy and this awesome jumpsuit (I don't care where it came from but how great that it's from a chazza!) does't fail. It ticks all the boxes – swishy, sexacious and oh so saucy! The jacket is awesome baby and you are THE hat and scarf queen I tell you! Let's get some Soul Train action going! Glad to hear the kids are on the mend, I hope you manage to sidestep the horrid bug xxxxxxx

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  4. Por acaso, caro Dr.Tavares Moreira, há uma coisa que aprecio em Hilary. A sua determinação, ainda no tempo em que o marido era presidente, para que os cuidados de saúde sejam universais. Não vejo mais ninguém defender isto com tanta convicção. De resto, de acordo consigo em relação a Obama, embora o «meu» candidato não tenha concorrido: Gore.

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  6. Really funny! There are definitely some questionable things on those plates, apart from the question of portion size. I feel very glad that I am not suddenly back in the 15th century eating whatever it is that they were eating. On a more serious note, it is really interesting to see a chronological presentation of the same subject done through the ages. It would be a great approach for teachers of art history.

  7. No se si catetes, pero expertos si… una vez uno en una disco se acerco… yo pensando en el tipico “hola.. como te llamai’” … noooo… se acerco y muy canchero me pregunto que que queria desayunar al otro dia…. Yo tire una carcajada y le dije que no pasaba naa, y el no se hizo drama y se fue a buscar otra… La clave del zarpazo yo creo es no deprimirse por un no , y seguir intentando…. como dicen por ahi… ademas, si no te interesa, te ries un rato y queda la anecdota.

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  9. The Food stamp number is shocking 47 million wow. So was 32 million back when GWB was running the show. Romney really should have gone elsewhere, since all his did was PO the recipients. There are a huge amount of food stamp recipients in swing state Ohio that vote. Fact is seventy of Ohio’s 88 counties now have more than 25 percent of their residents that are eligible for emergency food. Lots and lots of poor families many rural too, Walmart shoppers.

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  11. What a GREAT review, CL! Thank you so much. And WOW, exmo-lit’s MASTER OF SUSPENSE? Me likey that title!!! LOLOL. I am glad you saw that this was not a reworking of the same themes in WIVES AND SISTERS. It will be interesting to see how controversial the temple scene is considered, at least by believing Mormons, since it’s already been done by quite a few others before moi.At any rate, THANK YOU again!

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  13. You've outdone yourself this time Mr Knish! But I don't know if they are expunging their trash because the most educated Muslims are the most desperate to leave their Islamic hell-holes and only blame their leaders instead of their whole culture. Still you are absolutely spot on that Islam depends and needs non-Muslims in order to survive because it is a philosophy of begging or stealing which needs to end now.

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  18. site?* What if someone who has 100’s or 1000’s of domains put this competitor’s domain and/or pages in a Disavow text file on each of their 100’s or 1000’s of domains? * Would the sheer number of different sites make this claim be a strong signal to Google that said site is a “spammer”?Not that I would do this but I can’t help but think that for the large number of black hatters in the industry that this would be a free for all to slam the competition.Matt, Please advise.

  19. grim: thanks for that Bloomberg article on biotech bankruptcy…..I have been a holder of CVD, and have watched it get shredded from 99 to 33. Several weeks ago, I was talking to my friend who runs several pipelines for BIIB, and he was incredulous that CVD was getting hammered, because they have a backlog of several years. The answer must be more in line with what you posted.CVD is a Princeton based shining star for NJ…not good….

  20. The cuts will be made as productive people decide not to produce that which can be stolen. We see it now in Europe as the productive German birth rate drops. The mouchers and looters won't be able to enslave the people who don't exist. Who is going to make all those products these people seem to think they deserve?wv: chetatli – Why are there no casinos in Africa? Too many chetatlis

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  25. Bueno! sumo un comentario más, esta anecdota me pareció interesante, yo también les tengo pavor a esos insectos horribles! algo similar me paso a mi en el baño estaba por desmaquillarme cuando una pinche cuca aparece rebolotenado en la puerta me atrapó, ingrata cuca!! Esperamos seguir leyendo más tus anecdotas JJ…! son buenas, cada día les das un sentido nuevo y diferente!

  26. Me ha interesado mucho el artículo, explica perfectamente las contradicciones europeas que están tras la discriminación a judíos, gitanos y homosexuales. Pero no me ha gustado los ejemplos del final, parece que entre los gitanos sólo existen o el cantaor de moda o “gente con barbas mugrientas, atracando y contando monedas”. Hay mucha más diversidad en la comunidad gitana, mucha gente normal, trabajadora y responsable; el artículo acaba cayendo en esos estereotipos extremos que están en el imaginario social, base de antigitanismo.

  27. # 45This is not unlike the situation with respect to people going bankrupt. So many say,it happened because of the medical bill, or the job loss, yadda yadda, when, in fact, it was the overspending BEFORE the medical bill or job loss that set the stage. The medical bill or job loss is just the last straw.When one thinks about it, even if people in the outer ring ‘burbs had gas prices increase $400 a month, if that $400 pushes one over the edge, one had been dancing awfully close to it in the first place.

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  30. This was a bad game by Bynum. Now you know what a bad game looks like from him. He for the first time this series tried to score over and around double teams and didn’t shoot well. He of course still blocked four shots and grabbed 16 rebounds in just three quarters of play… That’s how good this guy is.

  31. Bilgeman –That is fascinating indeed! It certainly has my zip code pegged: “Back Country Folks, Blue Highways, Golden Ponds, Shotguns & Pickups, and Simple Pleasures”. Yup, that’s us.

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  33. denyse – i remember the 'silver' post on the posse – i chimed in! i agree – shine and some color in the face are critical (emmylou harris does it beautifully). my hair has been short and spiky (a modern cut is also critical, if you keep it short), but i recently saw a woman with a long, tangled silver ponytail who looked incredible, and i thought – i want that! so i am growing mine back out! maybe by the time it's long again it will have more silver in it! as it is, i get lots of compliments on my hair color – everyone thinks i have highlights.you look great! keep it up!cheers,minette

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  36. Here’s an admission: when I’m not michelle, I’m an average, ignorant man, and it never occurred to me that women didn’t know everything there was to know about lingerie. I mean, just knew it, were born with it, whatever. I’ve probably learned as much from your column in 3 weeks as I have from my in 35 years. Hmm, what am I saying?

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  38. Solved the cluedup version with corrections. Apart from a few obscure defintions that needed confirming in Chambers, nothing tough here. Not keen on LEEWARD as defined – can’t imagine it being used without ‘ISLANDS’. There was another of these in the Saturday puzzle which I tried on the same evening. If the puzzle editor is reading this, it’s the kind of minor naffness that gives some people an excuse to sneer (often unfairly) about the Telegraph crossword.

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  45. The heart of your writing whilst sounding reasonable in the beginning, did not work very well with me after some time. Somewhere within the sentences you actually were able to make me a believer but only for a while. I still have a problem with your jumps in logic and one would do well to fill in those breaks. In the event you can accomplish that, I would definitely be impressed.

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  47. It took me until this review after I've already finished the books, but I finally figured out the symbolism behind President Coin's name! It seems so obvious in retrospect: she's the other side of the same coin. Also, I can't help but imagine her looking like Michelle Forbes's character in Battlestar Galactica. Probably because they're both fierce military leader women and their names are so similar (Admiral Cain vs. President Coin).

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  50. It is patently obvious that FOX and the rest of the national media will not breech the subject of Obama's lack of eligibility and are covering up. If they do bring up the subject, they will deride the issue. The news media personalities, like Gibson, were either warned not to report, or picked up on clear signals that came down the cooperate grapevine from their employers, and with PC group think covered the rest of them.

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  56. J,Thomas the Wraith, a very good writer, is interest in contributing, once or twice a week. I recommend him. I also recommend that you invite Dag along, if you haven’t already. I think we should make it clear to everyone that the point is that the blog is not an essay blog, but instead a hub for important posts from various blogs.Go check out Thomas the Wraith. He’s linked in my blogroll. He recently wrote an essay on the coming of Eurabia which was very good.

  57. So, it’s the holiday of black supremacists.Perhaps some people believe that all Africans, black or otherwise, are of the same nation, tribe, and religion. They think that all Africans can be classified as one people, of one race, based solely on the color of their skin. It would require an individual of extraordinary prejudice to believe this. It would require an individual of extraordinary prejudice to deny history and reality. It would require an individual with an extraordinary lack of integrity to exploit and divide people with manufactured divisions.

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  59. Tyler, you know I can’t stand people. ha! I think you’re right in that the way we are (generally speaking) isn’t necessarily bad or good, it just is. After all, if we didn’t carry around some bit of selfishness, we likely wouldn’t still be here as a species. The ol’ give and take.That didn’t sound like complaining. Mark your calendars! It’s a first.

  60. "He still supported state control of money, fiat money, and a central bank. That is hardly a free market champion."VangelV, do you deny that Friedman later advocated freezing the monetary base as a first step in the effective privatization of the monetary system? Would you also deny that his earlier monetary policy prescriptions at least effected a behavior of the money supply more closely mirroring the ideal (presumably that of a free banking system)?

  61. Speaking of statistical voodoo and the widespread false deification of anything expressed by numbers, can anybody recommend a good book or two about this? I searched for "scientism" on Amazon, but all that comes back are modern Christian apologetics. Of course there is How to Lie with Statistics, but it seems like this idea is ripe for an update since the last edition of it came out in the early 90s. The powers that be have gotten a helluva lot more reliant on models since then.

  62. Realmente Dr. Jader, falta muito ainda para que a educação em nosso Estado seja um pouco do necessãrio para forma cidadão consciente da importâancia de seu papel na sociedade. Mas, já é um passo, Ressalto que faz-se necessário o Governador ser mais humilde para buscar apoio nas instituições de ensino, sociais e políticas para uma cinergia que objetive uma Educação de Qualidade e não fique apenas na teoria do fingimento, “O professor finge que ensina, o aluno finge que aprende e governo finge que paga”..,

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