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  2. I used to get terrible migraines and went to be hospital a few times so you have my complete sympathy. In fact, I think it’s 100 times worse to be throwing up with a pounding headache. It’s the worst! I’m glad I rarely get them now.

  3. People want FAKE blood and guts. Thankfully we're not at the point where things need to be ramped up to the point that you're talking about. Real things don't evoke a 'good scare', they're disturbing and morbid. For example, I'll never forget some of the images that I saw at the Holocaust Museum. Real does not equal fun and hopefully it never does. I agree about September, but if you live in a warm climate like NC the crowds haven't really went away fully yet. You're also right about fake fog. I always noticed that it smells kind of weird.

  4. Un grand merci Hugo pour le récit de ces journées magnifiques à Valdes et très bon anniversaire ! Quel cadre exceptionnel pour fêter tes 11 ans !On ne se lasse pas de lire vos textes et ne parlons pas des photos …Où est-ce que vous serez pour les fêtes de fin d’année ?Continuez à vous régalez et à nous régaler. A très bientôt.

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  9. It truely shows how people LOVE to point fingers at others, passing judgement as they sit on their behinds doing absolutely nothing! If they turned those fingers upon themselves and reflected on their own personal lives I could almost guarantee they would find more flaws and faults than they would like to acknowledge…Kudos to Mr. Wiggins for backing up his teammates and expressing his true feelings of the whole debacle!

  10. Ja, det er fra barna man fÃ¥r høre det *lol* HÃ¥per du hadde en fin mors og valentinesdag. Denne lysestaken begynner jeg Ã¥ like desto mer og mer nÃ¥. Første gang jeg sÃ¥ den var den styggfin men litt uant hvilken vei det tippet. NÃ¥ har den grodd sÃ¥pass pÃ¥ meg at jeg faktisk liker den 🙂

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  17. It's over. There is no next time or future. The communists & the Nazis killed whoever opposed them or disagreed with their agenda. There's no more USA to save anyone. Stop kidding yourselves. They even know how to defeat an underground now.

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  19. Quando si parla di copie ed originali mi piace sempre citare Karl Kraus.Disse: "un'idea originale non è di chi l'ha avuta prima, ma di chi l'ha fatta meglio". A volte concordo – naturalmente, Kraus è un genio – a volte mi rammarico: perché uno che ha visto una bella idea di qualcun altro dovrebbe avere la pretesa di poterla migliorare? ma sia! l'evoluzione è anche questo. E poi c'è sempre la libertà di intuizione.

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  23. thank you for being gracious and understanding the process. Its people like you who inspire us. @April: who has been doing this for many years- love that you are open enough to say you are still earning your stripes. WOW. thank you for saying that. I constantly feel like in many ways i am still earning mine. We always are.

  24. et Susan :si vous avez regardé le film, vous avez peut-etre entendu que le fétus n’est pas scientifiquement une personne (professeur Monod)comme vous l’affirmez. D’où tenez-vous vos renseignements? Aucune loi n’interdit à toutes les femmes qui le souhaitent d’avoir des enfants, ce sont ceux qui veulent imposer leur loi aux autres qui sont « fascisants » comme le dit ana.

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  32. Whu’appin’ Field?I thought we agreed that for every victim, there were countless worthless mugs who need to be pulled over and pulled in jail? lolPained as I am to do so, I got ta bring us back to terra firma. How do fight this victimization and these rogue cop without utterly hamstringing the cops –and desensitizing an already hurting community–in removing the scum? I can;t see why not both…but one CAN’T be quid pro quo for the other, Field.

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  39. No doubt. its an issue between two groups – RSS & Jihadi’s…stil most of indians are safe against terrorism. So don’t make general statements like this one – இது ஜனநாயகத்திற்கும் மனித உரிமைகளுக்கும் மொத்த சமூகத்துக்குமே எதிரான பிரச்சனை. Why they are killing innocent in between is the question? Try to answer that one.

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