Biography / Playlist

1st single dropped in 2003- The Euro-Dance Hit “He Said” with Cycle Records. Once he returned home from half a year overseas promoting the record he began opening for Smokey Robinson, the late Great Natalie Cole, Al Green and the wonderful
Aretha Franklin. During that time Jevon also began touring, writing and recording with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and can be heard on RZA’s Digisnax record on the song “My Money” as well as the Repo-man Soundtrack with Steven Siegal and Forrest Whitaker with the song “Everyday will be like a Holiday”. Along with touring with RZA Jevon’s band Stone Mecca opened up for Earth, Wind and Fire and shortly after that he began writing and singing on the next Earth, Wind and Fire album, their latest on Sony called “Now, Than and Forever” In between RZA and Earth, Wind and Fire sessions Jevon would sneak off to work on his own projects, He released “Coffee & a Blunt” in 2011 and spent the next two years promoting it. in 2013 Jevon began releasing singles and has been releasing 3 singles a year since 2014.

Jevon now is focused on finishing his 2nd record “Expansion” and promoting his new Ep just released by his rock band White Elephant, Ep same title of the band name.